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Title: Does It Hurt? :: Chapter One
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Pairing: Xemnas/Demyx
Rating: R - (rating may WILL go up in later chapters)
Summary: The path to becoming a Nobody is more painful than one would expect. One boy recieves his salvation from the torture in the form of a mysterious, black-cloaked stranger with golden eyes and dark skin. However, soon the boy will wonder what truly was the lesser of two evils.
Warnings: violence, non-con, m/m sex, sadism, masochism
Author's note: I'm a little surprised with this, as I wasn't expecting it to be quite so dark. Future chapters will only feature more of this, I'm certain. I just hope I can keep my muses awake long enough to help me out with this!!!

And yes, making the first chapter a public entry IS my attempt at reeling in more members. Hopefully people will enjoy this enough that they may want to read more. If not, then tough cookies for me. =(

Does It Hurt? :: Chapter One
by myradi.neuf

He was trapped somewhere between the blinding light and the inky black darkness. The two pressed against him like giant stone walls, threatening to crush his bones into dust. Tendrils of darkness curled around his bare legs, cutting into his skin so deeply yet drawing no blood. The strong light burned at his eyes and no matter how much he tried to look away, he could only see white spots dancing in his vision. Darkness continued to snake along his naked form, slicing his flesh with all the grace of a lover's caress. It seeped into his skin, tainting his empty veins and pumping him full of a life not meant to be lived. His mouth fell open in silent scream as more darkness bubbled up from his core, strangling him from the inside. There was so much white noise in his skull that he had no room for thoughts. All he heard was the loud static of white nothingness as the wicked blackness engulfed him.

He was being swallowed by this complete nothingness, trapped somewhere between light and dark, unable to find the proper balance between the two. He couldn't see anymore, but he knew that his chest had been ripped open. He could feel more of the darkness dripping from the giant cavity, and somehow he knew that his heart wasn't there anymore. The thick, dark liquid ran down his body, hissing as it went, and somehow, it was just as beautiful as it was terrifying.

And then, for a brief moment, the noise rotting his brain subsided and he was filled with a ringing silence. Thoughts began to flood his mind and the empty hole in his chest ached with such a furious pain that he fell to his knees, unable to see what supported him yet somehow knowing that nothing was. He clutched at his stomach, feeling the dark tendrils that bound his arms rip and snap with terrible screams as if they were living creatures. Perhaps they were, but that was hardly a pleasant thought.

"Does it hurt, little one?"

It was a voice so quiet and deep that he had to struggle against the pain just to hear it, somehow unable to fall unconscious no matter how much he begged for it.

"I can end it, boy." The voice said again, much louder, and the velvety sound rumbled through his entire body, causing the darkness to hesitate and shudder in anticipation, awaiting their master's command. "Tell me to end it, and I will."

He opened his mouth, more than eager to have this torment end, though his voice wouldn't come. Sensing a new opening, the dark snakes rolled along his neck, entering his mouth despite his attempts to shake them away. They probed and violated until they reached his throat, forcing right by his defiant tongue and ignoring the reflexes that threatened to dispel them.

The boy was unable to speak as his breathing was cut off once more, and he searched with film-covered blue eyes into the blinding light. He gagged and sputtered, feeling the thick appendages expanding his throat painfully with every movement. And though no oxygen was reaching his destroyed and decaying mind, he still could not faint. There was no relief that he knew of for this torture, and only the mysterious voice had the means to end it.

A long time had passed before the voice finally spoke again, this time filled with disgust and irritation.

"....I am dissappointed. You are not strong enough for my cause. Suffer in this oblivion for eternity."

And the presence was starting to fade, and he knew he had to call out somehow. He knew that this was his last chance to be freed from this damnation. It was his chance to escape this dungeon locked tightly between darkness and light, and he needed it.



Do something!

And, as if through some miraculous power that he wasn't aware he even possessed, the darkness clutching at his lungs released and this was his chance. He knew this freedom wouldn't last long, and if he didn't take advantage of the moment now...

"Wait! Please! Take me from this place! I'll do anything!"

In an instant, the film coating his eyes was lifted like a blanket, and with it went the probing blackness from within him. But rather than feeling relief, he only felt emptiness. The darkness had left him, and had taken something with it. But what? What... his hand fell over his naked chest, his fingers outlining where had once been a gaping hole. There was no steady 'thump thump thump' within his ribs, and immediately he felt the overwhelming sense of sorrow. But even that became emptiness as if it had been sucked into a strange vortex where his heart should have been.

And then he looked up into the haunting amber eyes of his savior, wanting to express his gratitude yet finding none within him to give. His mouth worked, chapped lips parting and closing as he tried to find the right words to say. When none came, the dark-skinned man before him merely smirked, crossing his arms over his large chest. From head to toe, the man was cloaked in black, drawing attention to his silver hair.

When the man spoke, it was in the same, deep velvet voice that had spoken to him before.

"What is your name, child?"

Without any hesitation, the boy replied, "Demyx." That wasn't his name, though it had fallen from his lips so suddenly that he couldn't believe he had even uttered it.

The man looked amused as he held out a black-gloved hand, which the newly-dubbed Demyx took hesitantly.

"Welcome to the Organization, Demyx. Number IX, you belong to me."

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