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"sea with no other side" - myradi

Title: Sea With No Other Side
Kingdom Hearts II
Pairing: Xemnas/Demyx
Rating: PG-13 
Warnings: m/m sex
Summary: Demyx knows what it takes to be able to see beyond the horizon. It makes all the harsh words and abuse worth enduring. 
Author's note: I'm not sure how much I like this, in all honesty. There are some parts I really like, but others that I just wish I could re-write but am not quite sure how. Anyway, the lack of Xemnas/Demyx is what inspired me to write it, however, I don't think I did much good for the pairing with this. Ugh. =P Whatever. Can't win them all.

Sea With No Other Side.
By myradi.neuf 

Somewhere there was a sea that had no other side.

Every day, Demyx walked along that shore, straining his eyes to see beyond the horizon. There was more than this, he knew. He knew because he had once been able to go there.

Once, Demyx had a heart.

And sometimes, Demyx could close his eyes and imagine what existed beyond the horizon. He couldn’t go there anymore, but he remembered what it was like.

But memories could no longer satisfy. Memories were just memories to him now. No. Memories were less than just memories to him now.

Lack of heart meant lack of appreciation. Demyx could no longer appreciate the memories. He couldn’t feel them anymore. They weren’t able to satisfy that which could not feel satisfaction.

And pretending wasn’t all that fun either.

The sun seemed to dip into the ocean as it set, casting a burning orange hue across the water. Fire continued to lick at the sky until it became swallowed by the deep blue-black sky, soon to be dotted with twinkling stars. Anyone with a heart would have swooned at the romance of it all.

But Demyx just sat in the rapidly cooling sand, his knees hugged tightly to his chest. A gentle breeze had picked up, bringing with it the salty-sweet scent of the sea. The horizon was invisible to him now, having melted into the sky not long ago. Glittering stars reflected in the water, dancing with every ebb and flow of the ocean. Darkness had settled over him like a thick blanket, but it provided no warmth, only a wind that chilled his empty center.

For a long time, Demyx was alone and unmoving. For a long time, Demyx didn’t have a single thought. His only company was the sound of the waves and at one time, that would have been enough. At one point in time, all Demyx had ever needed was his sitar and the ocean. With a bitter snarl, Demyx stood, kicking at the sand.

That time was long gone, and his heart with it.

Demyx was aware of the inky black darkness that had opened up behind him and he squirmed, the shadow of apprehension taking over him. There was a hissing noise as dark tendrils snaked out, reaching to caress the Melodious Nocturne’s rigid form. Instinctively, Demyx had tensed, not wanting the comfort if wickedly offered him. He hated the darkness for being so insultingly consoling, despite being the very thing to cause him such torment.

He had already lost his heart, and now he was to lose his shadow of pride?

Despite all of these acidic thoughts, Demyx found himself falling back as he always did and always would, as long as the darkness kept coming for him. He wasn’t surprised at all when his back fell against a solid chest that should not have been so familiar to him. There was a slight shudder of anticipation as strong arms slid around his waist, one hand snaking upwards to tug at the zipper of his cloak. And Demyx didn’t move to stop the invasion; this scene so damn familiar that he knew exactly what would come next.

Just like clockwork, there was a needle-sharp pain in his neck as pearly white teeth pierced his skin, drawing beads of blood to the surface. Demyx inhaled a sharp breath as he was spun around to face the leader of Organization XIII.

“Xemnas,” Demyx hissed, his eyes clouded. He knew he had made his mistake even before the name left his lips. With a snarl, a heavy fist connected with his face; splitting his lip with such ferocity that blood had smeared across his cheek.

“We are not equals, IX.”

And that came as no surprise to Demyx. But he didn’t resent his superior for the act of violence. In fact, he welcomed it. He needed as many feelings as he could get.

Not even a minute had passed before Xemnas continued his work, and soon both of them were tangled in the sand, a mess of sweaty limbs and heaving chests. Even in the heat of sex, Xemnas had no trouble with sending a fist into Demyx’s gut if his name ever passed through those flushed lips. He was always ready to remind IX of his inferiority.

But that’s not what Demyx was in it for. No. He wasn’t in it for sex. And he wasn’t in it for love either. There was something more complex that Demyx wanted, and Xemnas was the means to achieve it, if only temporarily. And this was enough to make it all worth it, despite the dark-skinned man above him that continued to tell him he was worthless.

He wouldn’t be worthless for long.

All of the darkness and mortality of sex would build and build until in one moment of white-hot euphoria, it would all melt away into a perfect, pure form of nothingness. And it would be in that blissfully white moment before the crash and return to reality that Demyx could almost see what was beyond the horizon. 


disclaimer: don't own, don't sue.
Tags: fan fiction
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